Fact - In factories in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Cambodia and more, the people who make our clothes live in poverty, usually earning just half of what they need to meet their basic needs and care for their families. In the UK at least, this is an industry that on paper supports the principle of a living wage. Most high street fashion brands have the commitment to pay a living wage written into their ethical codes. But little is being done to deliver this into the pay packets of workers who desperately need it.

The spirit of football is meant to be unity and fair play. But it takes a garment worker 18 months to earn what Herbert Hainer makes on his lunch break!

This is unacceptable! Join our campaign to ask Adidas to go #ALLIN for a living wage. Read more...

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To find out more about what companies are doing on this, read our Tailored Wages report.

We believe that all garment workers should be paid a wage they can live on; because having a job should mean being able to support yourself and your family. Find out what a living wage means here.

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H&M, Zara, Levi’s and GAP - made a combined total of more than 4.5 billion euros in profit last year. Watch our video about the human cost of this.

There are lots of ways to get more involved in the campaign. See the latest news and take action sections below for more ideas.



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