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We urgently need your donation to continue our fight against injustice


Workers need your support NOW

We urgently need your donation to continue our fight against injustice

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Urgent: workers need your support NOW!

Right now: Brands must speak out about violations in Cambodia.

Labour rights organisations are deeply concerned about the closing of democratic and civil society space in Cambodia. This trend has recently escalated with alarming high-profile incidents of repression against political leaders, non-governmental organizations, and independent media. Labour Behind the Label along with other Clean Clothes Campaign platforms and groups are calling on multinational apparel companies sourcing from Cambodia to take a stand against this repression, and to urge the Cambodian government to respect human rights and labour rights.

At any time we may be working on 4-6 urgent cases like this. Will you help us?

What is an Urgent Appeal?

An Urgent Appeal is a rapid response to a request for support from workers in the garment industry whose rights are being infringed. Urgent Appeals are a core part of what we do and what sets us apart from other groups working on similar issues. Urgent appeals work won compensation for Rana Plaza victims and was behind the development of the ground breaking Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, has supported the reinstatement of thousands of workers and also helped get workers and activists released from prison. As UK brands are at the forefront of many Urgent Appeal cases, this means our work is never light.

As of January 2018 our Urgent Appeal work will be unfunded. That’s why we need you.

We can’t stop fighting for garment workers’ rights. £7,500 will cover 1 day per week staff time to manage these cases, travel, meetings, liaise with brands and partners, launch petitions, deliver awareness raising events and public actions if necessary. 

By supporting this appeal you will enable us to:

Respond quickly to ensure workers’ human rights are respected 
Continue to engage with brands
Represent workers and get their voices heard
Travel to meet brands face to face if needed
Deliver public and in-store actions