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Take action: Transparency now

The lack of information about where our clothes are made and who made them is a huge barrier to change. Information is power, but brands have it all and workers on the ground have very little. We must make visible the workplaces and people in global supply chains, in order to hold companies to account for their actions. Take action below to call for data to be released

Take action: H&M

According to data from factory inspections publicly disclosed by the Accord, (an agreement signed by H&M in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster which killed 1138 workers in 2013), strategic H&M factories are not safe and H&M has failed to honour promises to repair and improve their conditions.

Take action: Adidas #Allin

 An estimated 3.5 billion people, or half the world’s population, will tune in to watch this years’ FIFA World Cup, leaving sponsors scrambling to capture fans imaginations. For sportswear giant Adidas the potential return is huge, after spending £62million in order “to make the World Cup in Brazil the best World Cup ever” – for the Adidas brand.

The spirit of football is meant to be fair play, tell Adidas to go “all in” for a living wage.