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Tannery workers, Bangadesh (c) GMB Akash

Take action: ask brands to Step Up and tell us where our shoes are made


Do you know where and how your shoes were made? You’ve probably heard about low wages and poor safety standards in the clothing industry – but did you know that people make your shoes in some of the most toxic workplaces in the world? And that the women who hand-stitch your leather shoes have no job security, few rights and are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by their employers?

Working conditions in the shoe industry are hidden from us because most brands keep their supply chains secret. This needs to change.

We are calling on leading UK shoe brands and retailers (Schuh, Office, Faith (Debenhams), Dr Martens, Primark, Asda, (Shop Direct),, Boden, Harvey Nichols and Sports Direct) along with leading global shoe brands (Deichmann, Camper, Prada, Birkenstock, CCC, Leder & Schuh) to:

  • Publish the names and addresses of all their suppliers
  • Report on progress in moving away from dangerous chemicals
  • Show that they are respecting the human rights of the people who make their shoes, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions