We need your help to continue our work.

Support the Labour Behind the Label by donating regularly to the campaign. Through regular donations, as well as generous one-off gifts, we are able to continue our work in the UK and around the world to improve workers' rights.

Donations can be made to the Labour Behind the Label Trust which funds our charitable work. Your data will be held by Labour Behind the Label on behalf of the Trust.

Regular Donations

Campaigning and lobbying on a range of levels - company, government, public and educational – can achieve long term and sustainable global change.

In the case of the garment industry, we need to change attitudes at consumer level, company level and governmental level in order to start making positive change for workers.  We also want to ensure that ethics are included in the curriculum for students of all ages - this is a great building block for the vital change in attitude needed to foster lasting positive change.

You can help us achieve all this by becoming a friend of the campaign.

Labour Behind the Label believes that campaigning is a really effective way of bringing about lasting change for workers in the garment industry - and you can help us achieve this.

As a friend of the campaign you will receive a membership pack containing campaign information and action materials; our bi-annual bulletin keeping you updated on the latest campaigns and appeals news; and regular action updates by email giving you the chance to take direct action on our campaigns.     

We suggest a minimum monthly donation of £5 or annual donation of £60. 

If it's easier for you then you can send us a cheque in the post payable to "Labour Behind the Label Trust". Send this to Labour Behind the Label, Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0HE. The Trust is able to claim Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer, simply download the form below and return it with your donation.

Regrettably we are unable to accept donations from any profit-making companies in the garment sector as this could compromise our ethical stance.

Donate Now

Regular donations are vital to our core funding; they ensure a solid foundation for us to work from. You can help us to do more by supporting us financially.

We run public-facing campaigns to publicise the problems that garment workers face on a day-to-day basis. We publish in-depth reports and education materials covering a wide range of garment industry-related issues. We work directly with worker organisations and unions in producer countries to bring the voice of workers to brands and retailers in the UK and open a dialogue towards improving conditions.

We work with our Clean Clothes Campaign partners across Europe to strengthen global action on behalf of garment workers.  

These are some of things that your donations could be used for:

-          £25 a month can help us be ready to respond to urgent appeals from workers overseas who may be experiencing harassment or worse from their employers.

-          £20 a month can help pay for research and report writing such as our Let’s Clean Up Fashion report; a benchmark of what companies are doing and a lever to make them progress.

-          £15 a month can help us fund a speaker tour, bringing the real voices of workers to UK companies and consumers and spreading the message of equality and improved rights.

-          £10 a month can help us run workshops for students and tutors, bringing much needed introductions to industry ethics into the curriculum.

-          £5 a month can enable thousands of supporters to take action on companies through our action cards; applying pressure for change.

Labour Behind the Label Limited (“LBL”) is a not-for-profit cooperative that supports garment workers’ efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions. The Labour Behind the Label Trust (“The Trust”) is a separate organisation that raises funds for LBL's charitable activities. The Trust is independent of LBL, but the two organisations work together closely.

As part of the movement for global justice, Labour Behind the Label supports garment workers’ demands through strategic actions aimed at those involved in the production, marketing and consumption of clothing. Many of these actions are charitable, but some may not be, for example where LBL supports a garment workers' trade union in a dispute with the owners of a factory.

The Trust advances education in the subject of human rights and ethical standards of conduct and compliance with the law particularly in relation to garment workers throughout the world. It benefits from the advantages of charitable status, such as Gift Aid, while ensuring that the funds it raises are only spent in furtherance of this charitable aim.

Your data will be held securely by Labour Behind the Label Ltd on behalf of the Trust and will never be shared with anyone else.

The Labour Behind the Label Trust is a charity for tax purposes, with HMRC reference number EW02304.

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Labour Behind the Label is a not-for-profit company Registered in England No. 4173634. Labour Behind the Label's charitable activities are funded by the Labour Behind the Label Trust, which is a charity for tax purposes, HMRC ref. EW02304

Labour Behind the Label coordinates
the UK platform of the Clean Clothes Campaign