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Uncover the UK Garment Industry

Urgent: workers need your support NOW!

The UK has a long history of garment production. With globalisation much of this moved abroad yet we are now seeing garment hubs such as Leicester, Manchester and London being revived. We know that production is happening right on our doorstep and we know that workers are not getting a fair deal. But we don’t know enough yet to be able to advocate on behalf of workers to ensure they are not being exploited.

Support our campaign.

We know garment workers have been paid just £3.50 per hour in some UK factories. This is far below the national minimum wage, let alone living wage. We need to know what is happening to the workers who make our clothes in the UK. 

Right now we have little funds to work on this so please support us and in turn we will do all we can to ensure the rights of workers are respected. At a time when UK workers’ rights are being questioned we must do all we can to ensure sweatshops do not continue. 


Fundraising target


By supporting this appeal you will enable us to:

Investigate the UK garment industry

Hear from workers and find out what they want and need

Work with brands to ensure UK workers are treated fairly and with dignity

Lobby brands