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Over a year has now passed since Rana Plaza collapsed and the Rana Plaza families. For the thousands of workers who were in that building on that terrible day, and the families of the 1333 worker who never made it out, there is little escape from the suffering they have endured. They sustained terrible injuries, lost husbands and wives, children and parents, brothers and sisters and will bear the physical and emotional scars for life.

This can never be compensated for, but these families can and should be compensated for loss of income and medical costs before one year has passed.

This is possible. In January 2014 the Rana Plaza Arrangement was launched - an unprecedented coordinated approach which will ensure all those who have suffered due to the collapse will receive payments to cover loss of income and medical costs. A Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund has now been opened to collect the money needed to cover compensation for every affected worker and family.

US$40 million is needed in the Rana Plaza Trust fund to ensure payments can be made to all the Rana Plaza families.

We are calling on all the brands who were sourcing from Rana Plaza to pay up now. Please join us.



What can you do?

All brands that sourced from Rana Plaza or Bangladesh need to pay into the Donor Trust Fund. To kick off we are calling on Italian brand Benetton to commit to the fund.

Find out what you can do now to get Benetton to PAY UP!


Who has paid up?

The following brands have made initial contributions to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund:

Bon Marche             Loblaw

Camaieu                  Mango

El Corte Ingles        Mascot


Find out who still needs to pay up?

A survivor's story

Shila Begum had been working in a factory within Rana Plaza for over two years when she reluctantly entered the building on April 24th last year.  Within minutes of sitting behind her sewing machine the electricity went off and the generator kicked in. 

“I felt a shock and the floor gave way. People started running in chaos and the ceiling came down. I kept protecting my head, but I got stuck between the rubble. My hand got stuck and I thought I would die. People around died.” 

Read more of Shila's story, other testimonies and video clips of stories directly from Rana Plaza survivors.


bangladesh-disasterFind out more

Want to know more about the campaign? Use the links below to get more information on Rana Plaza, the Arrangement, the Fund and the brands.

The Arrangement
More about the Arrangement, what it is, who is behind it and what it will do for the families of Rana Plaza

The Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund
More about the Fund, who can donate, who has paid in (and who hasn't) and how close we are to our target. 

After Rana Plaza
Read our Still Waiting report about Rana Plaza, the Tazreen fire and the aftermath for survivors. 

ACTION: Matalan #PayUp

Take an online action now to call on Matalan to Pay Up. It is one week until the anniversary of the disaster and families are still waiting for justice. If you think a year is long enough help us tell Jason Hargreaves - Matalan’s CEO to Pay Up now! We’re calling on Matalan make an immediate payment of £3m into the to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund so that families and victims can start rebuilding their lives. 


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