Adidas workers around the world protesting

Adidas is one of the world’s most profitable sports brands, yet workers making their clothes are systematically subjected to wage theft and union busting. 

In eight adidas supplier factories in Cambodia alone, adidas owe their workers US$ 11.7 million in wages for just the first 14 months of the pandemic. In May 2022, 5600 workers at another adidas supplier in Cambodia went on strike over unpaid wages – the factory responded by having union leaders arrested. This wage and severance theft stretches far beyond Cambodia across adidas’ global supply chain. 


We are calling on adidas to come to the negotiation table with unions, and commit to a binding agreement on wages, severance and labour rights. 



“We had no choice but to first sell our land to repay the bank. We are no longer able to financially support our parents. We used to spend money on food, for a husband and wife to eat three meals it costs around $5 a day. We have had to cut our spending to just $3 a day.”

Workers from former Adidas supplier, Hulu Garment in Cambodia

It is critical that adidas takes action now. Please stand with workers and tell adidas to pay its workers and respect labour rights. 

Adidas workers around the world protesting

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