This action involves you using your social media accounts to share one of the below images and tag @adidas to say that they must do more to support women workers’ rights and ensure they are paid. 


  1. Choose a campaign image below, and save it to your phone
  2. Click on the button to open up a suggested tweet (you need to be logged in to Twitter),
  3. Add the image
  4. Send the tweet!

Not on twitter? Tag on instagram or facebook instead


What you need to do:

1. Choose an image from the ones above, then click on it to save or download (this will work differently on different devices – try right clicking on a computer, and click and hold on a phone)

2. Go to instagram or facebook and create a new post, selecting the image you downloaded from the selection above

3. Put this text into your caption:

Adidas use slick marketing campaigns to sell clothes and convince consumers that they support women. The truth is workers around the world in @adidas suppliers testify that wages are not enough to support their families and live with dignity. This #IWD I stand with their workers.

I’m calling on @adidas to change, actually support women rather than just say they do, and sign an agreement with unions to commit to wages, severance pay and the freedom to organise for women in their factories.

4. Then tag the photo with these accounts: