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Regular givers keep us going

Knowing we have monthly donations means that we can plan and budget to ensure we can still keep doing what we do. Will you join us and donate £10 a month?

Why regular gifts make a difference

Changing the fashion industry will not happen overnight. We often secure wins for workers for better wages and conditions but then a factory fire might happen and our efforts need to be redirected. Giving regularly to our campaign means we can plan and coordinate our efforts, it allows us to implement long term strategies which will effect change.

Labour Behind the Label does not receive any government or corporate funding. This means we can remain impartial and can speak out when we need to. But it also means that we are smaller and have to work harder for every £


How we will use your donation

Your donation will be directed to where we need it most. That might be an urgent action that we need to deliver in cities across the UK – to cover travel costs and materials. Or it might be towards the publication and launch of a new piece of research that we have been working on, including staff costs. It could go towards a brand meeting or our telephone line so we can talk to journalists. Your ongoing support enables us to do everything and anything. Without it, we quite literally would not be here.

I already give. What else can I do?

Increase your monthly donation! Even if it is £2 extra per month this would make a huge difference for us. You can do that:

Via our website – Use our online form to donate your new amount. Once we receive your new donation, we will place a stop on your existing one.

By standing order – if you have online banking you can usually update your donation amount here. If not, use our standing order form to update it.

If you can’t give anything extra right now, that’s okay, we understand it’s not possible for everyone. Thank you for all the support you do give.


Other Ways To donate

 To donate by phone call us on 0117 954 8011
 Cheque (made payable Labour Behind the Label Trust and sent to Labour Behind the Label, Easton Business Centre, Easton, BS5 0HE)
 Standing order form (Download a standing order form)

Any questions? You can reach us on 0117 954 8011 or at info@labourbehindthelabel.org


Supporting Labour Behind the Label is taking an active stand for a fashion industry which is just and safe for garment workers. We are all connected in the fashion system and I am intrinsically linked to those who have made my clothes each morning when I get dressed. I want a guarantee that the production of the clothes I’m wearing has only benefitted the individuals and communities who have been involved in producing them

May 2021


I don’t want someone in the world to suffer for my fashion choices so LBL helps me be informed as well as supporting worthwhile initiatives.

Marisa Gutherie 
March 2019