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We are proud to be an integral part of the global labour movement with a strong track record of working collaboratively with unions and workers. But we need your support to continue this work. If you are an organisation such as a Trade Union body or an NGO and would like to show your support for Labour Behind the Label’s campaign, please consider becoming an affiliate.

Why affiliate to Labour Behind the Label?

With brands becoming ever more powerful in the global economy and able to set wages with little transparency in their supply chains, it falls to garment workers to push back and fight for better working conditions. Garment workers and their unions are at the forefront of the struggle for worker rights. Many have risked their liberty and some have lost their lives in their attempts to claim basic human rights. These include the freedom of association, peaceful assembly, the right to a Living Wage and even the right to life.


Wolverhampton UNISON takes international issues seriously but also recognises the need for our members to see how these issues are directly relevant to their lives. In supporting Labour Behind the Label’s campaign to defend and promote the rights of garment workers, we believe we can engage our predominantly female membership in making the links and support Labour Behind the Label in its direct contribution to international solidarity.

Dave Auger, UNISON Deputy Branch Secretary


Affiliating to Labour Behind the Label will mean you are joining the movement of garment workers claiming their rights. You will be supporting us in our mission through amplifying the voices of workers and their demands. We are committed to building and deepening relationships with our affiliates in years to come. If you would like to be a part of this movement, join us.


  • You will be directly supporting our work alongside 250 unions and garment workers across the industry
  • We can provide speakers for events and conferences
  • You will receive our biannual Action Updates and reports
  • Your donation is used for our campaigning and lobbying work that is not funded by our charitable Trust

We are supported by most major UK trade unions, including Unite the Union, GMB, NASUWT and UNISON. We regularly collaborate with our union affiliates at national, regional or branch levels


There are different subscription tiers depending on the size of your organisation and an annual subscription, plus the valuable weight of your solidarity, would help us to help those engaged in the struggle for better rights and conditions.

National Organisation or Trade Union body – £150

Regional Organisation or Trade Union branch – £100

Local Organisation or Trade Union branch – £50

Please complete our Donate section or send us a cheque made payable to Labour Behind the Label and post it to:

Labour Behind the Label, 38-42 Chelsea Road, The Old Coop, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6AF