Briefing: Why SHEIN is problematic – the human rights implications of its UK float

Jun 11, 2024 | reports

Shein is not the only fashion brand to be embroiled in controversy or to profit from cheap and cheapening labour. The trouble is, where Shein goes others will follow. The model that has allowed the company to grow so rapidly sees workers as a cost to be minimised. Without shops or warehouses, let alone own-brand production sites, Shein churns out new designs subcontracted down a chain of smaller producers with zero transparency or responsibility for workers’ conditions or wages. 

The ultra-fast fashion brand SHEIN is set to become the standard for e-retail fast fashion, as it prepares to float on the London Stock Exchange. This briefing covers why SHEIN becoming a publicly traded company is a tipping point for the direction of fast fashion and how this is highly problematic for people and the planet.