Garment workers’ unions and rights groups support TRIPS waiver

Garment workers’ unions and rights groups support TRIPS waiver

The global supply chains of international brands and retailers are spread across low-and-middle-income governments including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Central America and Mexico, and employs at...
We’re hiring: Lived Experience Adviser

We’re hiring: Lived Experience Adviser

Labour Behind the Label is recruiting an adviser with lived experience of working in UK garment factories to ensure that the voice of garment workers remains central our work. Do you work in a manufacturing role in a UK garment factory, or have done in the past? Do...
Next, Nike and Amazon:  Pay Your Workers

Next, Nike and Amazon: Pay Your Workers

It would take just ten cents per t-shirt for brands to make sure garment workers survive the pandemic.   The 35 million people around the world who sew our clothes make some of the lowest wages in the world. 10% of the apparel workforce may have already been laid...

Tell Next to respect garment workers’ rights

This campaign is now closed. Over 1000 of you emailed Lord Wolfson, Next’s chief executive, asking him to formally recognise and engage with the trade union.  After months of fighting for Next to formally recognise the FTZ & GSEU Trade Union within the Next...

Millions of garment workers worldwide are losing their jobs without compensation, or receiving much less than their regular poverty wages. Most of these workers are women. Hunger forces those who still have jobs to put their lives at risk in unsafe workplaces.

With #PayYourWorkers, we demand that Nike, Amazon and Next and other apparel brands and retailers:

• Pay the workers who make their clothes their full wages for the duration of the pandemic;

• Make sure workers are never again left penniless if their factory goes bankrupt, by signing onto a negotiated severance guarantee fund; and

• Protect workers’ right to organise and bargain collectively.