How to do a pocket-drop action

How to do a pocket-drop action

 how to do a 
 pocket drop action 


Pocket-drop actions are a cheap and effective way of rasing awareness about workers rights.  Think carefully about what information you want to include, this might be key information about the case, worker quotes and a link to a petition. Make sure all the information fits on a small card!

You can hand-write pocket-drops, or print them off. When you are ready, its just a case of going to the shop, and popping them into the pockets of clothes, on coathangers or in amongst folded clothes. Let us know how you get on!


Take part in our current pocket-drop action. Matalan owes Cambodian workers  $1.4 million compensation following the sudden closure of the Violet Apparel factory in March 2021. Stealing from workers is stealing from the families that depend on their income. Together we can tell Matalan to stop stealing from families.