COVID-19 – Help fund our campaign

Some workers are saying the pandemic is one hundred times worse than the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, where 1134 workers lost their lives and thousands more were injured in the deadliest garment factory collapse. Without food, jobs, and not knowing when their next paycheck will come, workers have been left in incredibly dire situations. 
We are hoping to raise £5000 to help fund our work supporting garment workers fighting COVID-19. If we can do this, it will place us in a strong position to keep campaigning and support workers affected. 
UPDATE (12.5.20): You have raised 90% of our £5000 target. Thank you! Help us reach 100%

What are we doing for workers during COVID-19?

Last week we launched a campaign targeting 7 large UK brands who are yet to step up for their workers amidst this crisis. Since the pandemic hit we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure workers’ voices are heard and respected. Other work has been put on hold so that garment workers surviving on the poverty line are not pushed below it. 
We’ve developed 7 demands which we are asking brands to commit to. From honouring existing contracts and paying wages to prioritising worker safety and respecting the right to refuse work.
Until these demands are met, we will continue to put pressure on. 
Our staff are liaising with brands directly to ensure worker’s voices are heard. We are looking not just at the urgency of COVID-19 and the immediate effects of its devastation but how we can use this as an opportunity to push for real change in the garment industry and to ensure that workers are never again so vulnerable to a crisis.

Can you support us?

COVID-19 has exposed the deep injustices and inequalities the garment industry is built on. In the current system, brands set the rules and in many ways simply do what they like. Cancelling and not paying for orders made is not acceptable, yet brands are able to get away with it. We exist to ensure this does not continue, brands pay up and are held accountable. 
We are fighting harder than ever to secure justice for workers who are at risk of being dismissed or forced to work in unsafe factories. In many ways, our work has completely shifted and our resources are being stretched.
By supporting this campaign you are helping us not only respond urgently to what workers need right now, but shape a new industry, where workers are respected and brands can’t continue with their corporate bullying.  
Help us hit £5000. Donate today.