Organise a clothes swap

Host your own clothes swap and fundraise for Labour Behind the Label

Clothes swaps are fun and simple. It involves getting people together to exchange their unwanted clothes.


The Rules

Invite swappers
Swappers bring their unwanted clothes

The swapping begins!

All attendees donate either a fixed amount for the event or a donation per item. You can make the event as simple or as extravagant as you would like, you could offer refreshments and hire out a hall or have it in your own living room. It’s up to you, anything goes!

Why clothes swaps?

The link here is that by participating in events like this we are reducing high
street demand for fast fashion. This will then take the pressure off garment workers while forcing brands to rethink how they market fashion.

Need help organising your event?

Contact Caroline at caroline@labourbehindthelabel.org or on 0117 941 5844