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Report: Hanging On By a Thread

Pakistan is experiencing mass inflation with rates hitting 36% in April 2023, the highest rate for nearly 5 decades. Workers at the bottom of the supply chains are being hit the hardest with an erosion of purchasing power and an exacerbation of already challenging living conditions.

The report reveals that factories have been exploiting workers by employing them in less formal ways to reduce risks and cut costs. Findings show factories paying over a third of workers surveyed less than the minimum wage, equivalent to £68 a month, while nearly two thirds of workers weren’t being paid the agreed rate for enforced overtime.


Report: Brands are Pushing Garment Workers to Breaking Point during the Pandemic

In this report, published July 2021, Clean Clothes Campaign conducted interviews with 49 garment workers in the supply chains of H&M, Nike and Primark in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia. The interviews show that the Coronavirus-induced crisis continues to have a devastating impact on the wages, working conditions, and labour rights of garment workers.


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Wages in the garment industry are notoriously low. Most workers are not able to meet their basic needs and live in dignity. A lack of publicly available information on the supply chains allows brands to profit, whilst workers who make their clothes are kept living in poverty.


Why does transparency matter? As long as brands are able to keep working conditions hidden within their supply chains, no one can be sure that companies are meeting their responsibilities to identify, and take action to prevent, human rights abuses in their supply chains.

20 Birthday Moments

Labour Behind the Label is now 20 years old. As a small but mighty campaigning group, we’ve achieved a lot in our short history.



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