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BOOHOO: Pay back your workers and go transparent

Boohoo’s £3.50/hr workers are owed millions in back pay yet Boohoo is tinkering around the edges with trying to sort out their supply chain issues. They further continue to refuse to release their factory list. Join the campaign to ask them to act.

PRIMARK: Have you paid your workers?

Since March, workers who produce Primark’s clothes in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia have been protesting mass dismissal, unpaid wages and reduction in pay. Sign our petition today and join us in calling for Primark to to ensure that all workers in their supply chain are paid their wages. Workers should not have to pay the cost of the pandemic!

COVID: Tell brands to protect all their workers

The social and economic shock waves of COVID 19 are being felt across the world. When the pandemic hit, the people making our clothes lost wages, their jobs and some even their lives, when brands cancelled orders and failed to honour their contracts. Tell Marks & Spencer, Primark, Next, Asda, Arcadia, ASOS & Boohoo that they must protect all their workers and pay up.