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Keep workers safe in Bangladesh

In the almost six years since the Rana Plaza collapse, the Bangladesh Accord has brought great progress to the safety situation of garment factories in Bangladesh. On 7 April however its Bangladesh office might be forced to close down because of a restraining order. Clean Clothes Campaign believes that it is vital for the safety of workers that the Accord can continue as it used to in Bangladesh. We urge the government of Bangladesh to support the Bangladesh Accord’s appeal against the restraining order. (Petition hosted by The Action Network)

Tell Primark to stop the fear and support worker safety and rights

427 workers from Primark suppliers in Bangladesh lost their jobs after taking part in largely peaceful protests about the sub-poverty minimum wage.  382 are now facing false charges bought by factory owners, and are unable to find other jobs due to systematic blacklisting. Yet fast-fashion giant Primark is refusing to act to protect workers in Bangladesh. Primark must take steps to end the repression in its suppliers and call publicly for the Accord to remain in Bangladesh

Petition calling on H&M to keep its promise to pay a living wage

Over 145,000 people have already signed this petition calling on H&M to keep its promise to pay a living wage to the workers who make its clothes. Will you sign too? This will be delivered to shareholders and the CEO at the shareholder meeting in May. NB. this petition is hosted by wemove.eu and you will be directed away from our site.