Next, Nike and Amazon: Pay Your Workers

The 35 million people around the world who sew our clothes make some of the lowest wages in the world. It would take just ten cents per t-shirt for brands to make sure garment workers survive the pandemic. Tell Nike, Amazon and Next: It’s time to pay your workers.


Tell M&S, Next, Matalan and Primark to protect progress on factory safety

Over 500 of you sent social media messages to M&S, Next, Matalan and Primark, asking them to commit to a new international agreement on factory safety. We can now confirm that all four brands have signed the new agreement. Solidarity works!

Tell Next to respect garment workers’ rights

Over 1000 of you emailed Lord Wolfson, Next’s chief executive, asking him to formally recognise and engage with the trade union. We can now confirm that Next NML has recognised the union. Thank you for your solidarity! 

BOOHOO: Pay back your workers and go transparent

Boohoo’s £3.50/hr workers are owed millions in back pay yet Boohoo is tinkering around the edges with trying to sort out their supply chain issues. They further continue to refuse to release their factory list. Boohoo have said that they will publish there supply chain in September 2021. We will wait and see if this happens.

PRIMARK: Have you paid your workers?

Since March 2020, workers who produce Primark’s clothes in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia have been protesting mass dismissal, unpaid wages and reduction in pay. Workers should not have to pay the cost of the pandemic! Nearly 3500 of you signed this  petition. We continue to lobby Primark behind the scenes to sign on to an enforceable binding agreement on wages and severance, and will update you on any progress.

COVID-19: Call on brands to step up and protect the people who make their clothes

The pandemic is closing in on the garment industry from several different directions, and is effectively crushing the workers who make our clothes.  Nearly 18000 of you signed this petition and took action in countless other ways. Our action had an impact, and many brands reversed decisions to cancel orders and delay payment terms. We are still fighting to introduce a legally binding agreement to ensure that workers are never again left so vulnerable in a crisis.