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COVID: Tell brands to protect all their workers

The social and economic shock waves of COVID 19 are being felt across the world. When the pandemic hit, the people making our clothes lost wages, their jobs and some even their lives, when brands cancelled orders and failed to honour their contracts. Tell Marks & Spencer, Primark, Next, Asda, Arcadia, ASOS & Boohoo that they must protect all their workers and pay up.

Tell boohoo to #GoTransparent

boohoo sells dresses for as little as £4, a price that is too good to be true. With prices this low is it unlikely that the workers making their clothes will have fair wages and be free from exploitation. boohoo won’t tell us which factories produce their clothes, so the human cost behind the price tag remains hidden.  We are calling on boohoo to publish their supply chain and tell us about the working conditions and wages behind their low-cost clothing.