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Join the Bangladesh Brand Hustle

Will you help give Debenhams and Sainsburys a little encouragement to sign? We are planning a week of ‘brand hustle’ to nudge them over the line. Every day next week we will send you a small action you can take to pile on the pressure, including facebook page swamping, phone calling, complaining, tweeting, and petitioning.

Take action: tell Zara, Next, and Mango - pay your workers the wages they earned


Workers at the Bravo Tekstil factory complex in Istanbul are demanding their unpaid wages and severance after working without payment for three months following the sudden shutdown of their factory.

The factory was producing for fashion giants Zara, Next, and Mango.

The workers have sought justice in the Turkish courts and have won their case. Legally they are owed the full three months’ wages and severance payments. Over one year since the closure of the factory in July 2016 there is no satisfactory solution in sight, so the workers, supported by their union, have launched a petition. They are calling on conscious consumers to support their campaign for compensation for their three months of unpaid labour. Support the workers of Bravo Tekstil

Cambodia: support 208 factory workers in their struggle for lost wages


The sudden closure of a garment factory has left 208 workers in Cambodia without jobs, salaries, or their legally owed compensation. One year later these workers, mainly women, are still fighting for justice. The factory – Chung Fai Knitwear – was making clothing for Marks & Spencer (UK), Nygård (Canada) and Bonmarché (UK). The workers have been facing a long struggle.

They stood up for their rights by preventing the owners from selling the remaining assets from the factory, through physical occupation of the factory as well as legal measures. They have protested outside the Mark & Spencer office in Phnom Penh, outside the Ministry of Labour, and the court. They wrote letters to the brands pleading for help and asked for meetings. None of this helped. Now the workers, supported by trade unions and labour rights’ organisations, demand that the brands take responsibility and ensure that they get their legally due payment. Please support these brave women.

Human Rights Defender under threat


Moeun Tola, the Director of the Center for Alliance of Labor and Human Rights (CENTRAL), one of LBL’s valued partners in Cambodia, is facing allegations in an attempt to undermine the work of his human rights organisation CENTRAL and of the country’s human rights and labour movement more broadly. On November 7, 2017, he was called to court for questioning on baseless allegations of misappropriation of funds. We fear that these accusations may be part of an attempt to intimidate or even imprison him.