Demand Amazon Pay Hulu Garment workers 

At the peak of the pandemic, 1020 workers from Amazon supplier Hulu Garment in Cambodia were denied $3.6 million in legally-owed severance after their factory shut its doors without notice. 2 years on these women are still waiting for justice. Amazon must act.

Scammed from their rights

Hulu Garment suspended its entire workforce of 1,020 workers at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 when everything stopped. After months of waiting, workers were called to come in and sign a document with a thumbprint in order to receive their final wages. Workers signed, without realising that a sentence was hidden underneath their final payslip that was paper-clipped to the top of the document, saying that they were voluntarily resigning from their roles. Through this trick, Hulu Garment withheld $3.6 million in severance pay owed to the workers. Workers were effectively fired then robbed.

“I have two children and elderly parents depending on me. I had to reduce my daily expenses by 50% and pull my children out of school.”

Yi Sokunthea, who had worked at Hulu Garment for 15 years, lost her job when the factory closed and is still waiting for her legally-owed pay out.

Many of these workers have families that depend on them. Brands at the top of supply chains have a duty to act. It is not okay that the most vulnerable in supply chains should have to pay the cost. 2 years on workers are still seeking justice. It is critical that Amazon takes action.