megan rapinoe – help us get justice For nike WORKERS

Adidas workers around the world protesting

We are calling on Megan Rapinoe to use her voice as a social justice activist and a hero to so many women around the world. Help us get justice for Nike workers!


IWhen the US women’s football team won the World Cup in 2019 its players were also suing their employer. Fans chanted “equal pay” from the stands of the stadium as the team secured its victory. The team’s primary sponsor, Nike, released an ad celebrating the victory and supporting the players’ demands. Three years later, the women won their fight and are going into the 2023 World Cup on equal terms to men.  

The women of Violet Apparel/Ramatex have been fighting since 2020 to receive the wages and bonuses they were denied after being suddenly sacked at the height of the pandemic. These women also need Nike’s support: they need Nike to pay up or pressure their cash-rich supplier Ramatex to do so.


This year’s Women’s FIFA World Cup is a celebration of the achievements of womens’ football. Help us win for garment workers too. 



“Dear Nike,

We have never met. We only contributed to your wealth.

We really do not understand why Nike, an international company, which always speaks so much about its social responsibility and which makes billions of dollars in profit each year has not taken responsibility for our severance.  ”

Former Violet Apparel workers, Cambodia

Adidas workers around the world protesting

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