Matalan STOP stealing from families

During the pandemic, over 1000 women who made clothes for Matalan were fired, and then robbed of their legally owed bonuses and unpaid wages. Matalan workers’ families have been waiting for a year and a half to be paid what they are owed.

1,200 clothing factory workers in Cambodia lost their jobs in July 2020 when the Violet Apparel factory, owned by parent company Ramatex, suddenly closed.

In response, the workers demanded compensation, as well as their legally owed bonuses and unpaid wages. 

Matalan was one of Violet Apparel’s biggest buyers. They have continued to profit throughout the pandemic, yet are failing to taking responsibility for paying the workers who make their clothes. Their families are paying the cost. Matalan must stop stealing from families and ensure workers receive the money they are owed.

“When I heard that Violet closed, I felt like I lost everything I ever thought possible. It’s hard to get money for my child’s schooling or to pay the bank, or for medical treatment when my family is sick.”

Ung Chanthoeun, union leader at Violet Apparel

It is critical that Matalan takes action. Please do stand with the workers today and call on Matalan to fix their supply chain.

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