Demand Missguided pay workers first

The online fast fashion brand Missguided currently owes millions of pounds in unpaid bills to suppliers around the world. This is impacting on workers, many of whom are owed thousands of pounds in wages and payments. Missguided must put its workers first and make sure its debts are paid to those who can’t afford to take on the cost of its business difficulties.

What is happening at Missguided?

After experiencing rapid growth during the pandemic when online shopping hit an all-time high, Missguided has reportedly entered a period of financial difficulty. The brand is failing to pay its suppliers, which is having a devastating impact on workers.

Many suppliers making Missguided clothes report that Missguided has demanded extensive discounting of up to 30% on existing orders, leaving suppliers to foot the bill. Overseas suppliers report not having been paid at all for months – some since January – without any notification. Payments to UK suppliers halted in May. Some suppliers report that Misguided has been placing new orders, despite knowing that they won’t, or can’t pay. 

In December 2021, Alteri Investors stepped in to restructure the business, and then payments started to falter. Now staff are quitting the head office. No word has come from Missguided about how they will fix this problem. This is having a big impact on workers, hundreds of whom have not received their wages and many whom have been laid off with no notice.

“We believe that all workers in our supply chain should be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect…”

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Whatever comes next for Missguided they must make sure that workers who have already made their clothes are at the top of the list of those who need to be paid. Join us in calling on Alteri Investments, and the chair of Missguided, Ian Gray, to treat suppliers and workers with the fairness and respect they deserve.


FAO Alteri Investments and Missguided chair Ian Gray

Dear Charles Edwards, Gavin George and Ian Gray,

As chair and investors of Missguided, I'm getting in touch to highlight the non-payment of suppliers in Missguided's supply chain and to call on you to put workers first when making decisions about the future of the Missguided company.

Following extensive discounting with suppliers, and now the halt on all payments, many of your suppliers globally and in the UK are facing serious financial difficulty. In turn, workers who made Missguided clothing have not been paid wages and many have been let go with no certainty of their future employment, according to Labour Behind the Label.

I'm calling on Missguided to resume payments to suppliers and ensure that workers who made its clothes are being paid. If Missguided does indeed find new investment, will you make sure that workers and suppliers receive the money they are owed and are properly compensated? Given that the Missguided brand purports to stand for fairness, dignity and respect, I'm calling on you to make sure the people at the bottom of your supply chain aren't the ones left to bear the cost of the business restructuring.

Please let me know what you plan to do about this issue.

Yours Sincerely,
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