Marks & Spencer, Superdry: Respect labour rights! 

Adidas workers around the world protesting

Workers of the Sumithra Hasalaka factory in Sri Lanka have been struggling for better pay for over two months! Workers went on strike in February after a shameless wage proposal and repression of their union organising. 

Email the CEOs of M&S and Superdry to make sure brands use their power to support the workers. 

On 10 February 2024, workers of the Sumithra Hasalaka factory in Sri Lanka organised by the Free Trade Zones & General Services Employees Union (FTZ & GSEU) started striking for a wage offer that meets their cost of living. Over two months on, 121 brave workers – most of them young women from rural backgrounds – continue to stand strong despite harassment, intimidation, and financial hardship.

Workers at the Sumithra Group, including the Hasalaka factory, make clothes for 9 international brands and are paid under £3 per day. Of the active Sumithra factories, Hasalaka is currently the only unionised workplace, which is why Hasalaka workers have been able to resist a wage offer that does not meet any Sumithra workers’ basic needs. None of the international brands sourcing from the Sumithra Group have taken decisive action to ensure their supplier treats workers better. Two UK brands – M&S and Superdry – are among the most important customers of the Sumithra Group.

Take urgent action and call on M&S and Superdry to take responsibility for ensuring decent wages and freedom of association for their workers! Fill in the form to send the brands’ CEOs an email today.

Workers in Sri Lanka are struggling to survive on poverty wages after years of financial crisis and inflation.They need the power of their unions more than ever. It is unacceptable that striking workers have been subjected to harassment, intimidation and even violence just for standing up for their rights.”

Anton Marcus, FTZ & GSEU

Sumithra claims it cannot afford to improve workers’ wages. We demand that brands use pricing and order continuity to ensure Sumithra negotiates in good faith with the union for an improved wage offer, stops all union busting, pays workers for the strike period, and allows striking workers to return to position without retaliation! 


Email the M&S and Superdry CEOs to put pressure on their supplier Sumithra Group

Dear CEO,

Dear CEO, I am writing to you regarding the ongoing struggle of garment workers in Sumithra Hasalaka in Sri Lanka. I was shocked to learn that these workers, most of them young women from rural backgrounds, went on strike on 10 February 2024 and that their organising has been met with intimidation, harassment and union busting. The workers across Sumithra Group factories received a shamefully low wage offer for 2024, which forced the only workers with the ability to do so to take action through their independent trade union FTZ & GSEU. As one of the most important buyers of the Sumithra Group, I call on you to use your significant power to ensure:

  • Sumithra improves the wage offer through good faith negotiations with the union;
  • Sumithra permits all striking workers to return to their previous positions in the Hasalaka factory, without retaliation;
  • Full payment of wages and bonuses for striking workers for strike period;
  • An immediate end to all union-busting measures including enforced union resignations as a condition of return to work.

If Sumithra says they cannot afford to improve wages for their workers, then it is your responsibility to correct this. As one of their biggest buyers you must tie improved pricing and order continuity to decent wages for Sumithra workers.

I hope you will urgently take steps to meet these simple bare minimum demands.

Best regards,

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