It would take just ten cents per t-shirt for brands to make sure garment workers survive the pandemic.

The 35 million people around the world who sew our clothes make some of the lowest wages in the world.

10% of the apparel workforce may have already been laid off since the start of the pandemic. Millions more are at risk of being fired and have not received their full wages for months. The vast majority of these workers are women, in jobs with no respect for their labour rights, leading to a massive imbalance of power in the industry. Many report skipping meals, borrowing money to buy food, and struggling to afford vegetables or meat for their families as the pandemic’s economic crisis rages on.


Next, Nike and Amazon: It’s time to pay your workers

Tell brands: It’s time to #RespectLabourRights and #PayYourWorkers


Brands and retailers must respect labour rights and pay their workers. We are calling on brands and retailers to:

  • Pay the workers who make their clothes their full wages for the duration of the pandemic;

  • Make sure workers are never again left penniless if their factory goes bankrupt, by signing onto a negotiated severance guarantee fund; and

  • Protect workers’ right to organise and bargain collectively.

    Help put the pressure on Nike!

1. Join the selfie action

Join us online and make protest banners, or take a selfie with this Nike running bib, calling on Nike to pay all the workers in their supply chain.

Use the hashtags #PayYourWorkers and #RespectLabourRights and tag @nike in social media. 

2. TikTok challenge

Will you take to TikTok and help us to make sure that Nike gets the message loud and clear? 

Take the TikTok challenge! We have complied a handy guide for you to take action here


3. Join a street action

We are planning street actions across the country in the lead up to the Nike AGM on the 6th October 2021. If you are interested in joining us, let us know here