Tell Your MP to   back a new law to   hold brands to   account 

From poverty wages, to union-busting, from unsafe factories, to gender-based violence – UK brands don’t just ignore exploitation and abuse in their supply chains, they profit from it.

It’s time to tip the balance of power. 

Garment workers and campaigners around the world have been fighting for decades to improve conditions and hold big fashion to account – but we need more tools to strengthen our hand. 

Across the EU, new laws are being introduced that will make it more possible for workers everywhere to hold companies accountable for human rights abuses and environmental harms. The UK is shamefully lagging behind, and it remains too difficult for garment workers around the world to bring cases against UK brands in UK courts. 

We urgently need a UK law to hold fashion brands accountable when they fail to prevent violations of the rights of garment workers who make their clothes. 

At the end of last year, Baroness Young of Hornsey introduced a groundbreaking Private Member’s Bill in the House of Lords: the Commercial Organisations and Public Authorities Duty (Human Rights and Environment) Bill. This is the first time a UK law mandating companies to prevent human rights abuses and environmental harms in their supply chains is being debated in Parliament, with the second reading taking place on 10 May 2024. We need to make sure all parliamentarians know how many of us support this law.

If enough of us demand a new Business Human Rights and Environment Act, our elected representatives must listen!


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