tesco: pay vk garment workers

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For over 3 years, migrant workers who produced F&F jeans for Tesco in Thailand were trapped in forced labour conditions, working 99-hour weeks for illegally low pay. Abuse and exploitation was their daily experience while rushing to deliver Tesco’s orders.

Now, 130 VK Garment workers are taking Tesco and social auditors Intertek to court for alleged negligence and unjust enrichment. Tesco made £2.2 billion in profits in 2020, and yet refuses to pay its former workers for the injustice they endured in delivering those profits.

This lawsuit has huge potential but may take years. Take urgent action and call on Tesco to take responsibility for their wrongdoing now and pay the VK Garment workers! 

“‘What do you mean, day off or holiday? This factory never closes on festival holidays. We have one day off a month when they pay our wages.””

Hla Hla Tay, 54, former VK Garment worker

We are calling on Tesco and Intertek to urgently settle the lawsuit and pay their workers for the years of profiteering on the back of forced labour.



Dear Ken Murphy (Tesco CEO) and Andre Lacroix (Intertek CEO),

In 2020 Tesco made £2.2 billion in profit. In the same year, 130 VK Garment workers were fired, after years of making F&F jeans for Tesco in Thailand under horrible conditions.

Their labour contributed to your financial success while they were made to work 99-hour weeks and paid illegally low wages. Social auditors for Intertek failed to fulfil their core obligation and report these abusive practices, and Tesco refused to acknowledge responsibility for their supply chain workers.

As a Tesco customer, I fully support the 130 VK Garment workers. I call on you both to do the right thing and settle the case as soon as possible. These workers deserve justice.

Yours sincerely,

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