The Labour Behind the Label Trust

Our Story

Labour Behind the Label Limited is a not-for-profit cooperative that supports garment workers’ efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions. The Labour Behind the Label Trust (“The Trust”) is a separate organisation that raises funds for Labour Behind the Label’s charitable activities. The Trust is independent of Labour Behind the Label, but the two organisations work together closely.

As part of the movement for global justice, Labour Behind the Label supports garment workers’ demands through strategic actions aimed at those involved in the production, marketing and consumption of clothing. Many of these actions are charitable, but some may not be, for example where Labour Behind the Label supports a garment workers’ trade union in a dispute with the owners of a factory.

The Trust advances the relief of poverty, promotion of human rights and compliance with the law and ethical standards of conduct particularly in relation to garment workers throughout the world. It benefits from the advantages of charitable status, such as Gift Aid, while ensuring that the funds it raises are only spent in furtherance of these charitable aims. Your data will be held securely by Labour Behind the Label Ltd on behalf of the Trust and will never be shared with anyone else. The Labour Behind the Label Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1159356.

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