Stop the repression in Bangladesh – give a gift today

Bangladesh worker protest

Stop the repression in Bangladesh - give a gift today

Bangladesh continues to be at the forefront of garment industry struggles

This year hundreds of garment workers were arrested, harassed, violently attacked, and dismissed from their jobs simply for daring to protest their low wages.  

Support our appeal to ensure that LBL can continue our vital work campaigning for the safety of Bangladeshi garment workers. 

Your support will allow us to respond and act where it is needed most. This year we have organised demonstrations and petitions, as well as engaged in dialogue with brands to demand that those sourcing from Bangladesh stand up for their workers and protect them from police violence and government repression. By giving to LBL you are enabling us to continue our work in solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers.  

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The situation in Bangladesh and how LBL has responded

Earlier this year thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers took to the streets in mass peaceful protests to call for a higher minimum wage, being unable to live with dignity on the poverty pay they currently receive. They were met with a brutal government response as rubber bullets were fired into the crowds and tear gas was used against them. One worker was shot dead on his way home from work. As many as 11,600 workers were fired and 29 criminal cases filed, involving over 3,500 workers, simply for exercising their human right to protest for a better life.

LBL has worked hard to support garment workers’ demands by entering into discussions with brands, including Primark, Next, M&S and Arcadia sourcing from factories where workers were dismissed or face criminal charges. We led demonstrations outside the Bangladesh High Commission in London and initiated dialogue with them, calling for them to stand up for Bangladeshi workers. Since our campaigning, two factory cases have been dropped, with around 200 workers criminal cases being dismissed. This is brilliant news, but there is more work to be done until all the criminal cases have been dropped and all workers reinstated in their jobs.

We have also been working to ensure the Accord, a vital and legally-binding safety agreement, stays in Bangladesh. After a period of campaigning, pushing UK brands to speak up for the Accord, an extension was agreed, guaranteeing the short-term safety of two million garment workers in 1,600 factories. However, the future of the Accord is still in doubt and we will continue to work towards ensuring that human rights and factory safety remain a priority.

Your support allows us to keep the pressure on. We can continue to support Bangladesh workers, but only with your help.

We can get wins for workers in a matter of weeks but sometimes it can take months, even years. This is because the the big brands don’t want to change. They want to continue to exploit their workers, pay poverty wages and repress their human rights because, quite simply, they profit from it.

We are hoping to raise £5000 to go towards staff costs and action materials so that we can respond when workers need us, and continue the struggle for Bangladesh workers to live and work in dignity. 

Please support us today, for Bangladeshi workers all year round. 

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