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Tell Boohoo and Amazon to pay a living wage


Jun 19


Online fast fashion is a growing market. Consumers buying super fast trends in high volumes as seen on instagram and youtube means factories are under huge pressures to produce fast orders at low costs. This often impacts on human rights, including the right to a living wage. 

Boohoo and Amazon are some of the biggest players in online fashion, but in our recent survey – Tailored Wages UK 2019 – both brands failed to show they had any policy for ensuring workers who make the clothes they sell are paid enough to live with dignity and support a family.

We are calling on Boohoo and Amazon to recognise publicly that workers who make their clothes should be paid a living wage wherever they are in the world, and to put this commitment into their supplier policies.

Will you sign the petition? 

Tell Boohoo and Amazon to pay a living wage

Dear Boohoo and Amazon,

I think the people who make the clothes I buy should be paid a living wage that is enough to look after a family. Both in the UK and overseas, wages and conditions in textile factories are poor and people are being exploited. Labour Behind the Label's recent report Tailored Wages UK 2019, shows that neither of your companies have made commitments in your policies to ensure wages for workers who make your clothes are enough to allow them to live with dignity and support a family. I'm calling on you to:

1. Update your supplier code of conduct to include wording that states that wages paid in your supplier factories should be enough to meet workers' basic needs, in line with ILO standards

2. Commit to build this standard into your internal buying policy, to ensure that the piece prices you pay to supplier factories are enough to cover a living wage wherever your source in the world. The UK Living Wage Foundation and the Asia Floor Wage Alliance provide regular updates of living wage figures that can be used by you as a tool.

3. Take action to ensure a living wage is paid in your factories as a result of purchasing practices changes.

Please get back to me to let me know what you position is on these demands.

Yours truly,

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481 signatures = 96% of goal

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