Edited by Liz Parker for Fashioning an Ethical Industry (UK) and Marsha A Dickson for Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business (USA). This item is available to download or to order.

Bring sustainability and ethics into your teaching and, by doing so, motivate students to consider the people and environment when making decisions in their future careers.  We have an opportunity to create a fashion industry we are proud of, and we hope this Handbook can contribute to the journey towards a sustainable industry.
This Handbook is divided into six chapters: Design, Marketing, Business, Cross-curricular, Pedagogy and Institutional Approaches, and Interactive Activities.  Educators of any fashion related course will be able to draw inspiration from the 45 contributions by educators from around the world who have shared their experience of teaching on sustainability and ethics.

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Download the resource here sustainable fashion handbook (full version)