Will you stand alongside the women who make our clothes? Here’s how.

15th April 2022

I often get asked, what can I do to take action in solidarity with workers beyond just signing a petition? In response, here is a list of activities you can go back to, and pick one, any time you want to advocate for a fairer fashion industry. 


1. Ask an important question

Send a message on twitter to the last brand you bought something from, to ask them if they are sure workers who make their clothes are paid a living wage.

2. Fill your feed with worker voices

Learn more about worker movements in fashion by seeking out and following unions and women activists around the world in fashion on whatever social media platforms you use.

3. Host a clothes swap

Rather than buy new things, organise to swap and reuse what you have. Clothes swaps can be as simple as inviting a few friends around to bring a bag of left overs and swap. You can raise some money for Labour Behind the Label while doing this also.

4. Join our direct action group

We have a whatsapp group for organizing shop protests in various cities. You can message alena@labourbehindthelabel.org if you’d like to join

5. Start a debate

You could share an article about sweatshops on your social media and ask your friends/followers what they think to provoke a debate. Engage in the discussion and change hearts and minds.

6. Become a regular giver

Supporting our work financially is a top way to help fix fashion. You can donate to Labour Behind the Label here.

7. Skill up

Have a look at our step by step guides on anti-sweatshop activism – here. You can also watch videos on our vimeo.

8. Take a challenge

Have you ever wondered if you could give up fashion?  Challenge yourself and join the six items challenge to see if you can give up fashion for a month.



Why is activism important?

People’s voices are more powerful than the small impact our shopping makes on a company’s income. We believe that your power is to be a citizen who asks the difficult questions, who acts, who lobbies companies in small effective ways, together in solidarity with thousands of others and with the workers around the world who make our clothes. 

Labour Behind the Label is proud to be standing alongside a network of women and men around the world who make our clothes, who are collectively calling for solutions to fashion’s problems – a living wage, human rights, value distributed fairly in supply chains, an environmentally just industry. Their request to us is that we use our voices to support their demands. 

We can help you take small (and big) effective actions to support workers’ demands so that the people at the bottom of supply chains have their voices raised and the injustice of fashion reversed.