This report is an investigation into the supply chains of three major shoe brands: Tod’s, Prada and GEOX. It reveals continuously changing global production routes, where the mobility of capital, combined with outsourcing strategies, has created the perfect environment for continuously adapting products to consumers’ tastes and pockets, while driving working conditions and pay downwards.

Recent research by Change Your Shoes, simultaneously conducted in Italy, China, Eastern Europe, India and Indonesia, has demonstrated shoe production as a labour-intensive process subject to short deadlines and very low prices which corrode the living and working conditions of millions of workers, wherever they produce. This damaging trend has also occurred in Europe – enough to generate significant production relocation shifts back to Europe. This report, published by Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo and Fair for the Change Your Shoes project, highlights this emerging trend and the reasons which lie behind it.

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Published in 2017